Samdani Art Foundation



Dhaka Art Summit Solo Projects

February 5-8, 2016  |  ayesha sultana  |  Dhaka Art Summit


Ayesha Sultana, A Space Between Things, 2015-2016. Commissioned and produced by the Samdani Art Foundation for Dhaka Art Summit 2016. Courtesy of the artist, Dhaka Art Summit, Samdani Art Foundation and Experimenter, Kolkata. Photo credit: Jenni Carter

Ayesha Sultana’s Solo Project, A Space Between Things, is an ongoing exploration referencing the theme of landscape that threads much of her practice. She playfully sculpts material culled from found and reclaimed objects, revealing the transitory and fragile nature of our natural and built surroundings, signifying and revealing distance, movement and space. She draws the viewer into the intrigue she has for the process of making and reconfiguring, and creates an enhanced sense of suspense relating to the possible changes the work could undergo over time through the hand of the artist or the hands of time. Key ideas of transience, contact, balance, weight, and collapse manifest in gestural arrangements that Sultana creates in this project with materials such as wood, metal, mylar, fabric, plaster, stone and glass.

Sultana is interested in the duality and coexistence of material and the immaterial. She strives to free her work from its very rooted and specific Bangladeshi context into a fluid and wide-ranging space, where the work can be set loose within its own parameters. For example, a vertical metal form could vaguely refer to early inspiration of looking at classical architectural structures such as columns and ancient obelisks. This is a project that needs to be navigated spatially, and experienced in relation to the scale of the body, a space where transformation and understanding happen not from the description, but rather from experience. It’s a celebration of what is possible when you allow experience to draw your mind to conclusions, rather than relying the human tendency to come to a situation with preconceived definitions.