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PARTNERSHIPS: Dhaka to documenta14 - A Samdani Artist-Led Initiatives Forum Research Trip

by BACK Art's Jewel A. Rob

Monday 3 July 2017:  Athens International Airport, Greece
After a long flight, we have arrived in the city of Athens - finally - but it will take another 40 minutes by metro to reach our hotel and begin to explore what documenta14 has to offer. Since being founded in 1955 by Arnold Bode, every five years, Documenta provides a unique space for contemplation, discussion, reinterpretation and transcendence of modern and contemporary art, and the way we look at it. However, under the curatorial direction of Artistic Director, Adam Szymczyk, this fourteenth edition of the festival is a little different, its exhibition offer being both in Kassel, Germany (its traditional home), and for the first time, in Athens, Greece. 

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INTERVIEW: Samdani Art Award 2012 Winner – Khaled Hasan

Embracing photography as a medium through which he can capture life, light and darkness, Samdani Art Award 2012 winner, Khaled Hasan (b. 1981), turned his enthusiasm for the camera into a career as a photographer in 2001.  Telling the narratives of the land that shaped him, Bangladesh, Hasan’s photographs cover a wide range of subjects; including stories about people and their interaction with nature, about healing and surviving, about fight for rights and toils for food, and about taking a stand against injustice.

A force that makes him think and feel more intricately, Hasan sees photography as an intrinsic part of his identity, helping him gain a much deeper understanding of human beings and life in general. Strongly believing that the work he makes should benefit others, Hasan is careful to ensure he makes a positive contribution to his own community ...

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COLLECTION: Samdani Art Foundation Collection Golpo Re-Hang

by Ruxmini Choudhury, Assistant Curator, Samdani Art Foundation

Recently re-hung, Golpo’s exhibitions have a new focus on works from Bangladesh’s East Pakistan and modern period, including some important recent acquisitions by Bangladeshi artists Novera Ahmed, Murtaza Bashir and Mohammad Kibria. After partition in 1947, Pakistan’s cultural hub became Lahore in West Pakistan, and attracted artists from East Pakistan who became influential on the scene, attracting the attention of West Pakistani collectors who found their work more interesting that of the West Pakistani artists.

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SAF Around the World: Marzia Farhana at Khōj International Workshop 2017

A not-for-profit, contemporary arts organisation based in New Delhi, Khōj International Artists’ Association, has, for the last 20 years, provided artists across South Asia and beyond, financial, physical and intellectual space through a variety of programmes including the South Asia Network for the Arts national workshop, and residency in Goa.  

Each bi-annual 15-day residential workshop is organised by artists for artists, with the support of Khōj. 

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SAF AROUND THE WORLD: Shumon Ahmed’s Work Travels to 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art Sydney

The artworks in Familiar Stranger examine the space between memory and reality, and express the internal struggle between what is and what was.  For those who have left their “home” for work, study or other reasons, the idea of returning becomes embedded in their identity—sadly the reality can often be a disappointing and unpredictable process.  Included in the exhibition is Bangladeshi artist Shumon Ahmed’s sound installation What I Have Forgotten Could Fill An Ocean, What is Not Real Never Lived (2014), on loan from the Samdani Art Foundation’s Collection.

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PARTNERSHIP: An Interview with Munem Wasif – Co-Curator of Chobi Mela IX

For the past 18-years, the bi-annual Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography has brought the work of many internationally renowned photographers to Dhaka, exhibiting their work alongside national and regional talent.  With photography having so often been excluded from the South Asian region’s visual art exhibitions and art history, Chobi Mela has helped to transform the medium’s value as an art form within the region. 

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