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PARTNERSHIPS: Dhaka to documenta14 - A Samdani Artist-Led Initiatives Forum Research Trip (part 3)

by Salma Jamal Moushum, Gidree Bawlee

It was on the afternoon of July 4, when our group of four reached Athens on the first leg of our research trip to documenta14 and Skulptur Projekte Münster. Organised by the Samdani Art Foundation with the support of the Goethe Institute, the mission of our trip was to learn (or perhaps unlearn) from documenta14 and Münster.  Accompanied by three other members of the Samdani Artist-Led Initiatives Forum, our first lesson was sadly nothing art related, and was a harsh reminder that you should always be vigilant with your possessions. Having all my money stolen on the first day on the way to the hotel from the airport was the last thing I expected to ‘experience’ during my trip, but nevertheless, our packed schedule and the overwhelming dose of art we were about to experience over just seven days (excluding travel), left little space for me to brood over the traumatic experience.


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