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neha choksi's latest salutation to the sun, Every Kind of Sun (2017-2018) debuted as a Solo Project during the dhaka art summit 2018,  taking the form of an Installation activated with daily live performances involving 10 children and 10 adults.

2-10 February 2018  |  neha choksi  |  Dhaka Art Summit


Neha Choksi’s obsession with the sun is related to her long-standing interests in absence, loss, memory and nature. Her latest salutation to the sun, Every Kind of Sun (2017-2018) debuted as a Solo Project during the Dhaka Art Summit 2018, and brought to life her emotional piece of short fiction, which starts:

Now and then…I have a repeating dream of me as a child coming home from school and sitting down to draw. And I draw suns. I use every crayon in the box. I draw every type of sun…A rainbow sun, a hollow sun, a scared sun, a new sun, a neat sun, a dirty sun, a magic sun, a spinning sun, a poem sun, a danger sun, a boss sun, an open sun, a tired sun, a breathing sun, a clapping sun, a mirror sun, a funny sun, a sour sun.

Choksi invited ten Bangladeshi children to embody these dreams, drawing suns daily in the exhibition space, considering the multiplicity of the sun as a powerful magic orb and a cursed ball of fire, both energising and overheating life on earth. They consider the sun’s power from their point of view as children, but also from the vantage point of other human and non-human entities (such as a rock, the wind, or even a lizard). They also imagine how the sun might consider us within its dominion of power as it shines down on our planet.
Venturing deeper into the fictive dream that inspired this work, the mother worries about the obsessive nature of her child’s drawings, and consults an ayurvedic doctor to interpret the meaning of these stacks of suns. Choksi invited a different adult professional each day to interact with the now-embodied dream child through the lens of their skill-set as an archaeologist, or a meteorologist, among others. The psychological process of animating nature draws us back to our primal yearning to reconnect with the cosmos across species and generations as we morph from atoms into beings and back.

Commissioned and Produced by Samdani Art Foundation for DAS 2018. Courtesy of the artist, Samdani Art Foundation, and Project 88.