Samdani Art Foundation
BW Samdani Art Award 2012, Khaled Hasan, Terror Beat of Acid, 1, 2,2010. Courtesy of the artist and Samdani Art Foundation. Photo courtesy ofthe Dhaka Art Summit 2012 and Samdani Art Foundation copy.jpg




Khaled Hasan (born 1981) began working as a photographer in 2001. At a young age he realized that photography is not just a camera play but a play of life with light and darkness. He chose to take this path and experience, culture and life at its fullest. Photography then became part of his identity—a force that makes him think, feel and understand human beings, the life and more. Outside of Bangladesh, he has exhibited in London, Mexico, Russia, Syria, France, Uzbekistan, Canada, USA and China.

Since then, Khaled has been working as a freelance photojournalist for several magazines in Bangladesh and in other countries. His works were published remarkably in the New York Times, Sunday Times Magazine, American Photo, National Geographic Society, Better Photography, Saudi Aramco World Magazine, The Guardian, Telegraph, The Independent and The New Internationalist, Himal Southern, Women’s e-News, and so on.

As an indigenous photographer, he tells narratives of the land that shaped him. Documenting stories about people and their interaction with nature, healing and surviving from times of distress, fighting for rights and toiling for food, and standing against injustice are the primary issues he features in his works. For Khaled, a story never ends; it just continues to develop, fades or becomes part of history but may still be documented through photography. This is why he believes that it is highly important to crystallize changes in life, especially the ones that would transcend times. For Khaled, being a photojournalist is not just being a very good photographer but being a socially responsible person too. He constantly finds fulfillment whenever his works benefit his community and the greater good. His involvement with the National Geographic Society, Inter-Press Service and other non-for-profit organizations in documenting cultural concerns show this passion.

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  • Kyla McDonald; Assistant Curator from Tate Modern Museum
  • Deepak Ananth, a professor at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in France
  • Elaine W Ng, Editor & Publisher of Art Asia Pacific
  • Bose Krishnamachari, founder of Kochi Biennale
  • Ravinder Reddy, Indian Artist
  • Shahabuddin Ahmed, Paris based Bangladeshi artist