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EVA International - Ireland's Biennial of Contemporary Art

31st August - 29 October 2023

Sebastian Cichocki, a Samdani Art Foundation Collaborator since 2016, has invited Joydeb Roaja to be a part of the upcoming EVA International, and shares some details of his research process. 

"My proposal for the Irish biennial takes its thematic basis on the idea and practice of gleaning – a term that for centuries refers to the act of collecting leftover crops following a harvest. I focus on practices of artists engaged in generating social change, working within and for their, often rural, communities. Joydeb Roaja is a visionary artist whose work gave me an invaluable insight into the struggles of the Tripura community in Bangladesh, its coexistence with other species and connection to spiritual forces. I saw Joydeb's work during my visits to Bangladesh and had an opportunity to meet this unique artist during the Dhaka Art Summit. I believe that his art doesn't belong only in the realm of museums and galleries, but it also brings joy and poetry to his community."

Image: Tamás Kaszás, Neo-Agro (posters), 2011; Joydeb Roaja, Searching my roots 11-13, 2017, 40th EVA International. Photo by Jed Niezgoda, 2023

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