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Safina Radio project

With the subtitle Not as Far as it Seems, the Dhaka edition of Safina Radio Project took questions of belonging and home as its departure point. Responding to the practices, curatorial premises and work on show at the Dhaka Art Summit 2016, Safina explored common grounds within historical contexts, providing a cross-section of origins and their interpretations.

Preprogrammed and commissioned pieces opened up a broad cultural context for Dhaka; literature, architecture, art, and music content brought to the fore the rich cultural undercurrents of one of Asia’s most complex cities, drawing listeners closer to Dhaka as a centre for cultural discourse.

From 5–8 February, Safina Radio Project broadcasted conversations and performative pieces created with artists, writers, and curators during their time at the summit, drawing on their encounters with the city.

Contributors include:

Shumon Ahmed

Nabil Rahman

Ronni Ahmmed

Mustafa Zaman

Ayesha Sultana

Yasmin Jahan Nupur

Sarker Protick

Munem Wasif

Reetu Sattar

Mehreen Murtaza

Rahel Aima

Kashef Chowdhury

Mariam Ghani

Chitra Ganesh

Sharmini Pereira

Belinder Dhanoa

Safina Radio Project

Quinn Latimer

Salima Hashmi

Paul B. Preciado

Katya García-Antón

Firoz Mahmud

Lynda Benglis

Director: Anabelle de Gersigny

Commissioned by Alserkal Avenue

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