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Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury

b. 1981, Noakhali

Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury’s (b. 1981, Noakhali) interdisciplinary practice plays with everyday objects to create interactions, which sit between installation and assemblage. By creating unfamiliar situations for everyday objects, Chowdhury creates new interpretations of familiar objects while opening new experimental territories with open-ended possibilities. He received a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking at the University of Dhaka (2011). His work has been shown in group exhibitions throughout Bangladesh.


DAS 2018 Commission :  The Soul Who Fails to Fly into the Space (2017)
Humans are the ultimate expression of freedom. Connected with the cosmos, with nature, and the higher forces through spirituality, the human body is a reflection of all such associations. The soul-body-mind desires to become immortal, to go beyond the vacuum of death, flying into the cosmos time and again, but failing to meet eternity. The shiny golden fountain is like a reservoir - the essence of life where the eternal sound of this cosmos reverberates.

Samdani Art Award 2018


  • Sheela Gowda (artist, based in Bangalore, India)

  • Runa Islam (artist, based in London)

  • Subodh Gupta (artist, based in New Delhi, India)

  • Mona Hatoum (artist, based in London)

  • Chaired by Aaron Cezar (Director, Delfina Foundation)


  • New North and South Network

  • Liverpool Biennial

  • Delfina Foundation


For the 2018 edition of the Samdani Art Award, each of the eleven shortlisted artists exhibited newly commissioned work in an exhibition at the Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) from February 2-10, 2018, guest curated by Simon Castets, Director of the Swiss Institute, New York. During the summit, the jury selected Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury as the recipient of the 2018 award. Announced during the DAS 2018 Opening Celebratory Dinner on the 2 February by Tate Director, Dr. Maria Balshaw, Rahman Chowdhury will receive a six-week residency with the Delfina Foundation in London.


In association with the Liverpool Biennial, each of the shortlist artists have also received curatorial mentoring support from the New North and South network.


Shikh Sabbir Alam

Discern the shape, form, within space (2016), acrylic on canvas. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1982, Kushtia

Reetu Sattar

A Bird of Stone, a six-hour performance which involved walking from the US Embassy to Drik Picture Library, Dhaka, November 2014. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1981, Dhaka

Rakib Ahmed

Untitled (2016), new photograph taken on old set acquired from photography studio that closed. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1988, Netrakona

Palash Bhattacharjee

Marked (2017), microphone set, photographs, hammer etc., on display at "Ephemeral Perennial" at the Daily Star-Bengal Arts Precinct, Dhaka. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1983, Chittagong

Opper Zaman

Insulate (2016), casting plaster, found objects, nails, rope and projected film. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1995, Dhaka

Marzia Farhana

Text Sculpture (2017), mixed-media installation including book shelf, books, wires, paper plates etc. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1985, Dhaka

Debasish Shom

Untitled, from the artist’ ongoing project, In the Rivers Dark. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1979, Bagerhat

Asfika Rahman

Untitled (2016), hand painted photograph from the artists Suspected project. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1988, Dhaka

Aprita Singh Lopa

Freedom in Femininity (2017), performance. Image courtesy: the artist.

b. 1986, Kishoreganj

Ahmed Rasel

Untitled (2016), from the series Memories of Water in Tafalia, Dhaka. Image courtesy: the artist.

b.1988, Barishal
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